Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Liz-Love the name, Annoyed with the Character

For years, or at least since the movie came out, my mom has been saying how much she hated this book and I finally understand why. Although Elizabeth Gilbert’s experiences are relatable in the sense that many people feel the need to explore and see other parts of the world in order to truly discover themselves, I still get frustrated with her character and her annoying rationale for most of the events in her life. I must say I do appreciate her writing, it’s witty and fun, which for me made her experiences more relatable. Other than that though her rationale for her adventure to Italy and later Indonesia, seems a bit unrealistic to me. It happens though I guess. One day you just wake up and don’t want to be in your life anymore and would rather start over and be someone new.
Compared to other readings many characters were forced to leave their home due to colonization or other external forces (war, politics, money etc.). Liz leaves for kind of selfish reasons. She didn’t really have a true explanation for leaving her husband and I’m sorry it’s kind of messed up to just decide to leave because she didn’t want to be a wife anymore and have kids. Did she consider him? She fell in love rather quickly after their split to, and still when that fling didn’t work she constantly craved this need to be wanted. And then she continually has affairs throughout the novel too.

Her experiences traveling are quite inspiring, but her annoying need to be wanted is frustrating. I feel you can find yourself and where you belong without constant affection. The fact that her exploration into the world occurred after a breakup says something too. For one I feel like a breakup should not be the event that sparks this exploration. The novel although at parts entertaining because of the witty writing, I still didn’t like it as much as I thought I was going to. I guess my mom was right, probably should listen to her more.

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